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Barton Crystal

Blue Zircon Matt - Sea Kissed 1088 Pointed Back Chaton Barton Crystal 39ss, 8mm

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➤ Article BC 1088 - Point Back Chaton
➤ Size: 39SS (8.16-8.41mm)
➤ Austrian Crystal

Sea Kissed Collection: The matt collection of crystals is a fun twist on classic sparkle colors. A special coating is applied to the top of the crystals to give them a more frosted surface. The finish achieves a look similar to sea glass. The pastel collection combines the same technique in addition to a layer of shimmer enhancing the sparkle and brilliance.

Custom Colors are top and bottom coatings applied by a third-party, also known as aftermarket coatings, third-party colors, and exclusive colors. These terms apply to all alterations made to a crystal by another company once it has left the factory. Custom coatings come in a wide range of colors and effects.